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Beloved by liquorice lovers the World over, the famous Pontefract Cakes, also known as Pomfrets, were born in 1614 when Sir George Saville first applied a stamp to the small round liquorice cakes.  Initially, these cakes were consumed as a medicine.  This continued throughout the 17th and well into the 18th century.

Then, in 1760, an enterprising apothecary in Pontefract named George Dunhill hit upon the idea of adding sugar to the already famous Pontefract Cakes, turning a primarily medicinal produced into an immensely popular sweet.  Mr Dunhill then set up his famous firm, and in the following years it became one of the most renowned English manufacturers of liquorice.

Price: £2.17 for 250g

Ingredients: Treacle, glucose syrup, cornflour, invert sugar syrup, wheat flour, liquorice extract, modified potato starch, vegetable oil, aniseed oil, glazing agent (carnauba wax)

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